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The company

Aridan is a Brazilian company with solid expertise in construction and maintenance of major road, hydraulic and energy transmission and distribution infrastructures.

Strength, innovation, integrity and empathy are Aridan’s pillars in building excellent solutions for a more sustainable future.


The company has in its legacy great works and international expertise. Its board came from Spain’s Isolux Corsán and brings together a team of experienced professionals.

Operating Areas

Learn about the sectors in which we make a difference


Aridan Infrastructure stands out in the construction of road, rail, maritime, airport, hydraulic infrastructures of singular building and rehabilitation of great architectural works.

Water & Green

Aridan Water & Green works in the creation, execution and operation of infrastructures focused on the water cycle. The division invests in research and innovation with a focus on optimizing treatment systems so that they are more energy efficient.


Expertise in the installation and maintenance of high voltage electricity transmission lines, in the solar photovoltaic industry and in wind energy.

Oil & Gas

Aridan Oil and Gas is the division that offers solutions to develop the stages of exploration, production, refining and logistics of oil and natural gas.

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